Climate Roundup: Mr.Brightside

November has been one crazy busy month, both in the world and my personal life, but I’m squeezing this post in right on the last day! And it’s bursting with positive stuff!

I’ve got lots of uplifting and perspective shifting bits and pieces to share with you this month. Of course there will be the odd bit of COP26 news in there, but on the whole I’m focused on all the exciting action, rather than more talk from our world leaders.

Enough’s Enough

Anyone who has read my about page will know that subject of enough is really near and dear to me. So it felt validating to Indeedably’s story about knowing how much is enough, even though you could freely take more. I believe we can fix so much, inside and out, if we learn to understand what enough means for ourselves.

We don’t need to buy more stuff – The Guardian

Feeling burnt out chasing more and more and working harder and harder to get it? Find a new ideal in this investigation into the Lying Flat movement – New York Times

Reasons to be Cheerful!

The Ocean Cleanup has started clearing up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – CNET

Over half of Finland’s electricity came from renewable sources in 2020. Woo! Go Finland! – Yle News

EV charge points are now compulsory for new home developments in the UK. This is a big deal for EV adoption, trust me, when you can charge at home, you rarely need to stop anywhere else! – Myenergi

A British firm has plans for an ammonia fueled passenger aircraft. They just have to solve the acid rain part… – New Atlas

Optimism is a powerful tool we should sharpen to help defeat climate change – Wired

McLovin’ It

Veganism has gone mainstream! Seriously, it’s so so easy now, compared to when I was a teenager! – The Guardian

The US is finally getting a Vegan McDonald’s Burger (there has been one in Finland for years!) – Engadget

It’s also now possible to 3D print 10kg of meat per hour! – Live Kindly

But You Have to Act Too

Survey finds that few are willing to make the lifestyle changes really necessary to save our planet – Kantar Public

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Can ESG investing save the world? – Evidence Investor

New blockchain initiative will ensure investors can see exactly which environmental causes their money or time is going to – Coin Telegraph

World’s biggest banks will add oversight to limit greenhouse gas emissions, but can we trust the private sector to do this alone? – Market Watch

Elon Musk is ready to solve world hunger if anyone knows how it can be done – CNN

Holiday’s are Comin’

I’ll be cosying up with my loved ones and watching a satirical sci-fi black comedy, can you guess what it’s based on? – “Don’t Look Up” on Netflix

Sound to Stick Around for

How we can make big changes – in our homes, our jobs, where we vote and where we pray, and with our family and friends – No Denying It Podcast

Jarvis Cocker teams up electronic DJ Riton to release the world’s first “Sustainable Banger”. Weird at first but it really DROPS IN from 3:40 in 🕺🏽- Spotify

See you next month!

On that note it’s time for me to sashay away! See you back here very soon!

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