Climate Round-up: EV Does It!

This is a start of a new feature at Zero Matters, slotting in between my larger blog posts. From time to time, I will share what my environmental eyes and ears have been glued to; in the hope it will inspire and energise you, my readers.

Edited to include only the most interesting, exciting, educational and motivating links regarding the climate and sustainable living!

The EV path to success

Big news in the electric vehicle space this month!

Tesla Model 3 becomes the best selling vehicle in EuropeThe Verge

As policy encourages London drivers to ditch diesel vehicles 6x faster than the rest of the UKClean Technica

Fully Charged launch a great, hopeful, #stopburningstuff manifesto and video special (including a small part on infra-red wallpaper! 🤯) – Fully Charged on Youtube

The bigger picture

Reasons to be optimistic that action works, but we need to knuckle down (with nice visuals)The New York Times

Change can be good

Positive stories about how everyday people are reacting to climate changeThe Guardian

The majority of top Finnish businesses won’t return to pre-covid travel levelsYle News

Part of the solution

How to find balance in our lives and avoid the addiction to more (behind a paywall, but free trial is available) -“Dopamine Culture” by Russell Brand and Dr. Anna Lembke on Luminary

Inspiring young Vertical Farmers and Turbine TechniciansThe BBC

Why Carbon offsetting projects need more regulationFriends of the Earth

But, ultimately, they will help put a global price on carbonCNBC

Big business is growing up

Google CEO says we are “losing time” in the climate fight, but ignores questions about Googles support for anti-climate policy lobbyingBloomberg

Not directly climate related, but why “morally bankrupt” big tech needs financial or regulatory incentive to do what is best for usYour Undivided Attention Podcast

Bill Gates believes climate innovation will lead to 8-10 Teslas plus Microsoft Google and Amazon equivalentsSOSV on Youtube

Climate Friendly Pet Food?CNBC

Will the Metaverse save us?

Can Virtual Reality save the planet? Columbia Climate School

Do we really trust Facebook to create the Metaverse?The Atlantic

What does an all digital future mean for the climate?Eurogamer

Will cloud gaming make it worse?VentureBeat

Podcast corner

An optimistic podcast featuring Sheep, Drag Queens and energising storiesHow To Save A Planet

Are you trying to sell me toys or save the world ? – “Why I want to F**k Captain Planet” by Blindboy

The Economists more serious take on environmental podcasting – To A Lesser Degree

Real Books:

How the relentless pursuit of pleasure leads to pain and why finding balance is essential – Dopamine Nation by Dr Anna Lembke

A classic on deliberate and sustainable living. Once you get past the dry intro and information about the price of nails it’s clear why this has inspired so many – Walden by Henry Thoreau

And lastly a portrait of a global economy that overproduces goods; where the primary goal is no longer to manufacture goods but needs. Having worked in the game industry I could certainly relate to the idea of infantilized adulthood that this book explores. – Consumed by Benjamin R. Barber

See you next month!

That’s it for this month’s link roundup! In the mean time stay optimistic about a greener future ahead!

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